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H2O-Accadueo Exhibition, Italy, 2021


H2O-Accadueo, International Water Treatment and Distribution Exhibition, Italy, 2021

Exhibition Date: May 05, 2021 – May 07, 2021

Venue: Bologna, Italy

Exhibition period: once every two years

Organizer: Bologna Exhibition Co., Ltd

Industry attributes

Municipal sanitation climate protection

Exhibits range

Sewage and water treatment technology, water resources management, water supply, water treatment technology, water treatment

The exhibition to introduce

H2O-ACCADUEO, the Italian International Water Treatment and Distribution Fair (H2O-ACCADUEO), has been held every two years since 1990 and has been in Bologna since 2012, having moved from Ferrara to the current venue. 2016 will be the 13th year of the event.The International Water Treatment and Distribution Fair is a trade fair centered around drinking water and wastewater treatment and is one of the most important water treatment fairs in Italy.In 2014, the 12th International Water Treatment and Distribution Exhibition in Italy was a great success.In Bologna, the new venue, the number of visitors almost doubled to 11,171, a 67% increase on 2012.More than 330 exhibitors, more than 70 international conferences, more than 400 speakers.

The market background

Foreign trade is the mainstay of Italy’s economy.Foreign trade accounts for more than 40% of Italy’s GDP.Various personal consumer goods, machinery, machinery and equipment as well as capital goods occupy a very important position in the world market.Italy used to have one of the largest trade surpluses in the world, with annual surpluses of more than $10 billion. But since the beginning of this century, the strong euro, soaring energy prices and a sclerosis in its industrial structure have turned Italy into a deficit country.Italy had a 29.7 billion euro trade deficit in 2011, but it was still a surplus after stripping out energy bills.China is the largest source of trade deficit for Italy, and Italy’s trade deficit with China reaches 20 billion euros (2011). Italian products are still highly competitive in the world, and the types of export commodities are very complete.Mainly in mechanical instruments, automobiles, agricultural products processing, steel, chemical chemistry, pharmaceutical, household appliances, clothing, shoes, precious metals and other industrial manufactured products.Italy’s foreign markets are mainly European Union countries, whose exports account for more than half of the total.The export share of Italy to the rest of the world market is gradually increasing, while the total export share of Italy to the EU is gradually shrinking.Russia, Japan, China, Brazil, the United States, Vietnam, North Africa, the Middle East, South Africa and other countries and regions are important trade partners of Italy and non-EU countries.Italy is one of the top ten foreign trade countries in the world, and its total annual import and export trade has been stable at the 7th to 8th place in the world for a long time. In 2011, Italy exported 375.719 billion euros of goods and services, and imported 400.52 billion euros.Total trade accounts for 3% ~ 3.5% of total world trade.


Post time: Jan-19-2021