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Loose Flanged pipe

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Description EN 545 Specifications Flanged Fttings Material Ductile iron grade 500-7 Flange PN10, PN16 Fluid Temperaturna 0″C 50″C. exduding frost Coating liquid еpoxy resin painting ерoxy appied by FBE according to customers’ requirements Reference Rules Dimenslons and testing in acordance wth EN545 Use Jointed by the bolls, nuts and sealed by the gaskets.   Loosing flanged fittings EN545 PN10/PN16 WRAS certification Body: ductile iron Loosing flange: ductile iron Assembled with rotatable flange, applied by FBE coated (Fusion Bonded Ероху). . Newly designed, less weight . Universal connection applied to multi flanged drilling . Loosing flange freely rotated around the pipe axis before jointing, much more convenient to install. 微信图片_2021032310051620 微信图片_2021032310051619 微信图片_2021032310051618 微信图片_2021032310051617 微信图片_2021032310051616 微信图片_2021032310051614 微信图片_2021032310051615 微信图片_2021032310051613 微信图片_2021032310051612 微信图片_2021032310051611 微信图片_2021032310051610 微信图片_202103231005168 微信图片_202103231005169 微信图片_202103231005167 微信图片_202103231005166 微信图片_202103231005165 微信图片_202103231005163 微信图片_202103231005164 微信图片_202103231005162 微信图片_20210323100516 微信图片_202103231005161

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